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Shanghai Xintonglian Packing Co., Ltd. IPO was accomplished successfully

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Shanghai Xintonglian Packing Co., Limited’s IPO, in which ZDS was engaged as the sponsor and lead manager, has closed online issuance and was listed on SSE respectively on May 6 and May 18 2015.

Shanghai Xintonglian Packing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and has become a diversified modern packing group companies. It provides integrated services including R&D, designing, testing, production, sales, and “all-solution packing” value adding activities, offering materials including paper, bamboo/wood, plastics, paper-wood mix, plastics-wood mix, and metal-wood mix. After decades of development, Xintonglian has become partner of many domestic and international big names, a resourceful and stable client base.

Xintonglian filed IPO application officially in March 2012 and thereafter its IPO was suspended by the CSRC, so its IPO witnessed fairly long regulator review process. In the past 4 years, ZDS kept tight relationship and diligent work with Xintonglian to ensure all sponsor checks and quality assurance as required by the regulator. On the other hand, ZDS maintained close contact with the regulator to ensure the soonest possible review and approval by the CSRC.

Altogether 20 million shares was issued to raise approximately CNY286 million. During issuance, Zhong De Securities explored all investment highlights through active contacts with the institutional investors, whose effort was highly recognizes by the institutions. Eighty-four offline investors participated in the bookbuilding, and the final issuance price was CNY14.31 per share, corresponding to 22.98x PE. The IPO was successfully accomplished and ZDS diligence and integrity was highly recognized by the Issuer.

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